Embroidery is a process of stitching a design onto garments. Many people find the result pleasing as it adds a perceived ‘quality’ to the garments which reflects on the originator.

Embroidery machines can typically handle 12 different colours within a design, more than the majority of designs use. There is a wide range of thread colours available, although the choice is not as extensive as printing. Sometimes an exact match to a specific colour is just not possible.

Embroidery costs depend on the complexity of the logo: the more stitches involved then the longer it takes to create the design. Whilst there is no such thing as an ‘average’ design, many modest designs are around 7,000 stitches, whilst a more complex and dense design could easily exceed 20,000 stitches for a ‘pocket-sized’ logo.

Embroidery is unsuited to larger designs, e.g. having some large text onto the backs of shirts. Partly because the garment has to go into a ‘hoop’ to keep the cloth taught (and there are size restrictions on a hoop) but also because the stitch count becomes too high. This will have a significant impact on the time it takes to embroider the design and the cost that will be charged. Many clients opt to have a design embroidered to the front left breast with print to the reverse.

There are two cost elements with embroidery: an initial set up charge to convert a design into a program that the embroidery machine can read and then a fee per embroidery, which is proportionate to the number of stitches used. Standard font with no design elements can be created without the need for digitisation. Consequently, embroidery is not usually cost-effective for small orders of, say, 8 items or less.

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Example stitch count
• Woozle Ceramics Logo: 13,500 stitches


Example stitch count
• The Word ‘Allam’s’: 2,000 stitches
• Kate Lloyd Logo: 7,000 stiches


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